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Letras de Beyond Centuries de Sigh

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Underneath the ground upon which you live
I have been buried and sealed
Though my mighty flesh is rotten
My immortal soul will soon be revealed
I am the one cursed beyond centuries
Now I have broken the curse
Who are you calling my unholy name?
Changing the forbidden, the evil verse

I am the lord, I will rule this world
I am the lord, like I used to do
I am the lord, many Centuries ago
I am the lord, I will turn this world into hell

Hokutoshichisei is powerless
Now my soul will be free again
For I am the supreme god himself
The cursed earth shall be my domain
First I will unleash earthquakes
Let cities fall, I will annihilate
The world shall suffer fear and despair
So be prepared, for death is your fate.

The skies are clear, nothing seems amiss
But I wait for the sun to set
You may fool yourself this is just another day
But the terror of the end is coming yet
Yes, this day I shall rise again
You will sacrifice yourselves to me
For I will never again make the same mistake
This time the whole world will belong to me

Eternally I will rule as your lord
In my rage I will destroy all
Beyond the centuries, I will be your god
The moon tells of the terror to fall
Holy divinity, how puny it is
No gods shall stand before me
Dignity, who do you think I am?
I am the spawn of death

Enticed by ultimate domination
Death to all, total eradication
Victorious in my will to vanquish
God, forsaken, his throne relinquished
The pitiful weaklings down on their knees
All my enemies, I will laugh as you plead
Destined for the greatest revolution
The demise of humanity is the real evolution
I will burn the flame of revenge, beyond centuries!
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