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Letras de Silver Universe de Sigh

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Sitting in the dark and awaiting time to come, but now I know it's too late
Caught in this hell, still I can't find the way, now I know I will meet my fate
Repelling the weakness crawling inside of me, no way to go no light to see
Feeling the madness awakening inside of me, reason is lost for eternity

Black veil of death I will have to face
Quest for the exist but I know I will never win
Black veil of death I have to fight
With a little hope that can't be to which I must cling

Sitting in the dark and gasping for the life, which I grown with my (own) death
Longing for treasures I have left behind until I know I am dead
In this silence prayers won't be heard, but I'm dreaming on all alone
Drifting in the shoreless ocean, the path is closed and the hope is gone

Say good bye to the silver universe...
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