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Letras de Awake de Skyfire

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Entering the dreams once again
Forging through the barrier to a
new dimension

Afraid to close your eyes.
Afraid to fall asleep and to dream evil acts
To be betrayed again and again in
greyscale beyond the dreamers labyrinth

Turn around where you lie under
supervision of emptiness
Perspiring and heavily breathing
through screams inside

Hunted by your eternal enemies with the
dawn as your heaven, your savior
All you fear is summarized into one nights
torment of mental terror

I close your eyes, I make you disappear
Forlorn memories, At the border to insanity
I close your eyes

Distorted figures with formes from
you savage fantasy
Madness and sick surroundings create
worlds that transform for every step you take

Waking up, disoriented and cold of sweat,
to a life to gain new experience from
Try to forget. To close your eyes for what
you have seen in dreams and then dream again
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