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Letras de Fat Chicks de Sloppy Meateaters

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I sit on my stool looking hip and cool
the radio's blasting blink182
i wish i could be on trl
i wish i didn't have to front the shelves
She rolls up in her mommies car
tank top and sports bra
pulls out the credit card
it happens every time
Fat chicks always pay inside
while the beautiful girl pays outside with her credit card
cuz with credit cards you aint gotta pay inside
The cooler's all stocked the bathrooms are mopped
i watch all the fiends spend all their money
hello, and how are you today?
the king of cash 3 won't go away
I want you to think about me when your
out pumping your gas you look up at me
i'm stocking candy and making coffee
i sit and i dream about sme
whoa oh oh oh - she's singing to me!

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