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Letras de Hang To Me de Sloppy Meateaters

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I love the way I think the world owes me something
They'll all be sorry when they see what I can do
forget it, it's over i can't take that pressure
I'm not very good at this if you can't tell by now
Do you believe in me?

Hang on to me -- I promise you

Forget the norm i'll take the path less traveled
take what i've got, make it all I want
I'm in control, no mercy, no boundaries
sick of watching my life crash around me
Do you believe in me?

There's a force over the mountain, under the rivers, deeper than wisdom
So Stick my me, we'll find a way
to make it through this hell together

"I see you standing, standing on your own
it's such a lonely place for you, for you to be
and if you need a shoulder, or if you need a friend
I'll be here standing until the bitter end!!"
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