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Letras de One Dream At A Time de Sloppy Meateaters

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I still remember the feeling that i got
when i stood by and watched it end
never never again
You keep around what you don't need
there's something funny there
and you always ask for more
just thought i'd stop and say hello
cuz tomorrow you might be dead
obsession turned ugly instead
Can ya see my face in lights
i'm afraid to close my eyes
inside, i lied
(it's something that you'll never understand)
Of course it wasn't all so bad
i learned a lot from it
i shut a lot of doors
just walked away without a clue
not knowing what to do
next time i guess i'll be prepared
This time i guarantee the best that i
can offer myself get out of this shell
start living like i'm like still alive
one dream at a time

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