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Letras de Let's Be Bad de Smash Cast

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When we're feeling down and low,
Then our favorite word is no
Cause it points the way to go.
Let's be bad.
Who knows what will come tomorrow?
Neighbor, lose the sauce and sorrow.
Here's some sugar you can borrow.
Let's be bad.

Don't want to be boring
Our twenties are roaring
Let's punish the flooring
Yeah drummer man, do what you can
Tonight the (whoo!) will hit the fan!
If you need some more enticing,
Here's a girl with twice the spicing
We're the cake, but she's the icing!
Let's be bad.
Let's be bad.

If you say something is taboo,
Well, thats the thing i want to do.
Do it till we're black and blue,
Let's be bad.
Guns and gangsters suit me fine.
Al capone is a buddy of mine.
He's my big shot valentine.
Let's be bad.

If spirits are sagging
If feet are 'a dragging
Fall off of that wagon.
The piano hums to the bass and drums,
And i'll be dancing when hoover comes.
Don't care if you've tied the knot,
Most folks want what they ain't got.
Melt the ice, some like it hot.
Let's be bad.

Here's my whistle, make it whetter.
Let me wear that scarlet letter.
When i'm bad i'm even better.
Let's be bad.

Say 'bye-bye' propriety
No polite society
Give me notoriety!
Let's be bad.

Bring on the vices!
Don't care what the price is!
I'll add the right spices,
When the sound of bass slaps you in the face,
Well, it ain't my husband i'll embrace.

I can't see the use in waiting.
Your lips are intoxicating
Do my hips need some translating?
Let's be bad.

If i drown in baths of gin,
Notify my next of kin,
They might grieve, or might jump in!
Let's be bad.

Who wants plays and o'neill dramas?
Gershwin is the cat's pajamas!
I'm the queen of the red-hot mamas!
Let's be bad.

Each crook and g-man
Each poppin' he man
Just stick with me man!
If he joins to juke with my red-hot yuke,
Then just like judas once said to luke,

Here's the key for my ignition,
Hit the gas to my transmission!
When you hear the things i'm wishing'
You won't offer opposition!
Let's prohibit prohibition!
Let's be bad!
Some like it hot and that ain't bad!
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