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Letras de Never Thought I de Sol¨¦

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yeah, heh
you know it's funny
the more things change, the more they stay the same
i'm sittin', watchin' these things around me
people doubting me, people questioning me
but everything's falling into place
yeah, everything in time, feel me?
1 - never thought i'd be this fly, what
never thought i'd be this tight, what
never thought i'd have my time, what
never thought you'd hear me rap, what
everybody wanna a piece of my cut
that record deal got sour
it's a trip how people change in this game
but it's still the same
Repeat 1
Never caught behind, twist-ups of the mind
why i can't bring that body ?
flipped it last time, press rewind
script it, that time, got ya mind
boys wasn't wit it, had to recline
laid back, fade back plenty of times
tommy boy's filled with plenty of rhymes
back there niggas never called me fine
one of the guys that scouts the scene
roughed up, stuffed up, left the scene
y'all bitches wouldn't never believe
that their niggas was checkin' for me
little girl, curls, that was me
little world, swirls, that was me
drama unfold, that was me
drama fun, girls that was me
scrawny little thing, as a child
men would chuck, runnin' wild
me called names?
not allowed
gotta be something that was vile
wide eyed, cried, takin' 'em blowin'
start ridin', cried, ??
flip that, start lookin' for shows
spit that, time i have to go
on the car 'round the block, runnin' with boys
only girl got slick mccoy
had a little crush, name was troy
got a little rush, loved the joy
bent adolescent tryin' to get down
? to wearin' a frown
steady comin' up, wonderin' how
never been as fly, so look at me now
Repeat 1
repeat 1
Started growin' up, started to bloom
same damn thing, chased out the storm
e-lay c-lay caught at noon
write more, fight more, stay in my room
gettin' with the wrong guy, never again
get it from the wrong guy, never a friend
try to go straight, world tryin' to end
no such thing, cuz i'm tryin' to mend
niggas try to see me, never before
bitches wanna be me, never before
niggas that would dis me, tryin' to score
bitches now jealous of me whore
heard they relay many of lines
got played, got laid many times
crushed inhibition, lookin' for signs
love didn't live here, it was blind
Repeat 1
repeat 1
"who's she?" everybody askin' me
"who's she?" everybody ask to see
who? me? everybody tryin' to be
game ain't never been a thing to me
was broke, now tote plenty of g's
got mad, get with l-o-v
me be mellow and sweet
came up, has lots of luck
came up, heads like destruct
write more, don't get stuck
write more, then make a buck
bitch can't be heard, ?or a thing?
been that shit, heard runnin' schemes
now i'm the hottest thing on the scene
straight line, got mine, know what i mean?
keep it on top, not a raid
hope it don't fly, masquerade..
myself from them days of play
stories like this that i relate
hopin' that, don't start to slip
hopin' that, can keep a grip
write rhymes that i can flip
mothafuckin' business, it's a trip
learned that life ain't a game
passed up, passed by, it's a shame
never let ya life go insane
time go by, it's chain
look up, look by, it remains
still be sittin' there, still complain
gold digger's dream ??
look up at the sky, say my name
Repeat 1
repeat 1

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