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yo yo, yo i come clean and cut
5'6" and buff
not an ounce of fat
have you fiendin' like smack
love to hit it from the back
knew you way before i tips that
first friends, then lovers, undercovers, i plush flats
you copped the bezels that match
that ice your rolley to the max
understand for you, i'll be the man, let alone the bitch
let me catch you out cheatin', i'mma cut off your dick
yo, nigga, i'm serious
baby, you sick, this your shit
and i'mma label you mine
plus you a dime, always shine
be involved with my crime
we had to grind, never understand it's woman and man
we're from the land to the escalades (nigga get paid!)
lemonade, tangaray, never change your ways
cuz you a dame, keep me sane like a walk in the rain
taught to the game from my perspective
had you checkin' for snakes
with a mutual agreement that we in it to stay
1 - [lo...]
this is our world so i'mma ride for you
would you ride for me?
would you die for me?
this is our world lo, i'mma ride for you
would you ride for me?
would you die for me?
Repeat 1
yeah, i got your back to the end
boy, over backwards, i bent
any argument, we commend
when i needed money, you lent
i'll be your lover and friend
you did your dirt then i grew it
i stayed there helpin' you through it
i fucked up too and you knew it
many times i thought that you blew it
but then you'd always make it right with me
no fight with me, forever kept it tight with me
sometimes you ditched the fellas
just to come and ride with me
then stripped me down, licked me up, every night with me
you never made me feel i owed you for the deeds that you done
re-payed you with my loyalty, promised to give you a son
can't nothin' come between us ever boy
you know you the one
and love i give you everyday, you know it's second to none
So come and get paid with me, runaway with me
anytime you need it, come and lay with me
every day with me, nigga stay with me
anytime you want it, have your way with me
i'm yours
Repeat 1
repeat 1
for you i'll stack these chips
keep every gat on spit
give you the range, nice things
without the marraige and shit
you blow the bitch, i blow her man
never expose our plans
holdin' hands, rockin' timberlands
your feminist stance
got me trance baby
donna chick, don't fuck with old navy
you couldn't pay me to find another lady, load the 380
these hoes is crazy
fuck a daisy when i got me a rose
chalked up, stock broke, still rock our own shows
phenominal, me and you
give you the keys to the crew
bubble baths, rub that ass
you'll be squeezin' me too
no need for you to stress out, this nigga holdin' his form
love my son, i love your daughter too ???
??? born the same day, in love with sole'
red zone, we held it down
? for this hot day
here to stay 'til we lay 6 feet in graves
whoever blow first, hold a torch
and speak in our name
Repeat 1
repeat 1

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