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Letras de This Generation de Spagna

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waitin' for another day
sittin' down their lonely eyes look away
they have been waitin' so long
and kids are cryin'
it's hard to carry on
if it's not enough go round
round the corner and tell me what you have found
the scene is always the same
everywhere just tell me who's to blame

IIII I wonder why
why babies cry in this generation
IIII I wanna find
the reason for this situation

everything is written in their eyes
with no tears with no more tears to cry
yes you can read everything
desperation what it really means
everybody's seekin' the truth
and I'm talkin' about me too
I think it's easy to spend
lovely words but now they need a hand


how can we leave them without our love
they need our help they need to know they're not alone
how can we leave them without our love
they need a sign a little touch of love

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