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Letras de The Universe de Stinging Rain

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I have a father and i hope for a son
and i have seen the beauty of a new day begun
and i've lived with a wise man the young years of my life
and now i've found a beauty i hope to make my wife
My mother has watched a young boy come of age
and with grace and compassion
she calmed his gentle rage
and i have desires that will not let me sleep
i have struggled with the whole of life
since i was barely three
I sing in the morning for the colors that i see
and with each new sunrise they seem brighter to me
and i sing in the evening for a day has come and gone
and i whisper to myself, "now it won't be long"
Well i've been to the garden
been blown by the breeze
the smell of the universe
came rushing through the trees
every tragedy and comedy
all pushing towards an end
came full to its fruition
i've finally found a friend

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