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Letras de Emily And The Mutants de Suave As Hell

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Emily there's something in the sky, you should be gone!
Emily you haven't noticed all the sings he wrote!
Turn the Tv on and watch the midnight scary news
Emily there's someone on the roof

All the planet is in danger thousand UFO's
Girls in panic, Boys are crying, no one really knows
All those greenish creatures are just waiting to attack
Listen to the radio, to the instructions that they have

Listen to your neighborhood
Fear always teach something to do

Emily just type my number on the telephone
I could pick you up outside your home in my red truck
Bring with you some lollypops
They are good for cold
I will bring my yellow umbrella
For the lightning storm

Aliens, won't, eat us at all
I've just find it was only a joke
Orson ohh Orson you're great
You scared me to death
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