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This is a story about all the things that woke me up from my poisons slumber,
about all the things that stoped my self thinking slowly.
This is a story about friendship!

Coming down now!(now)
Behind wide eyes i cry!
But don't you stop me!
Don't you teach me!
Don't you preach me!
Don't you stop me now!(because)
It seems like abeat inside my heart
That never hurts me,
But it's just a sword inside my back
And it's going to kill me!
World enought to stop that break away
You're enought to make me think a day
Save your self(pretend you're well)
Save me from my mind!
Save me from my life!
Save me from my dreamin!
Look in my eyes!
Be my friend!
And save your self!
No one can stop me at the dreamin!
allright, break it down!
I try to be honest my self
Bring my reasons home to you,
Reasons home to you,and it's true
And it's the same as you do!
First time you don't realize anything
But a single blink is enought to sink
Are you afraid?
So do i,but i try man,i try!
Save your fuckin' self! Right now!
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