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Letras de Beyond de Süpremacy

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(A. Tovar)
In the search for light, we have to walk through darkness
Cause sometimes we are lost in the shadows
But we must leave them behind

There are times in our lives when we go through changes,
Times in which we have to make decisions, some for good, some for bad
No matter the risk we got to try.

Just one minute to breathe
To carry this weight,
And follow my path
Something more in our lives

Chasing this aim
And take what it takes
There is always a chance
To capture the glory in your hands.

Believe in who you are,
There will always be a chance

Because some days you win and others you lose
Is a law and you know, life don't give a damn
So take your time and breathe a sigh.

There is something in our way of life,
A sign in your heart shows the way
Beyond the words, dreams come true.
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