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Letras de Crazy Love de Süpremacy

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(P. Reyna)

Everybody’s told me about you
Every day I pray for you
Now a day that gives me illusions
Now I know that you kill my emotions

Now I’m desperate, aching to touch you
I have suffered a trial by fire
It’s this love mix of heroin and lust
We will burn in bed making love

It’s a crazy love
Come and make it
It’s a crazy love
Keep me coming
It’s a crazy love
Make you scream and
It’s a crazy love
We both want the floor

You’re the one that makes me pray
People think we both are going to hell (baby)
When it’s love you make me feel it
So open up, I’m gonna give you yours,

I need the time to take you home
I feel you baby you stick to my soul
When I’m drunk I see you everywhere
Time after time I want to kiss your heels
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