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Letras de Learn To Fly de Süpremacy

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(D. Acosta)
There comes a time when all falls down
All that you thought was right was so bad
Somebody’s waiting. Wisdom who tries to change your mind
Maybe in case you need me just tell me, we can share this

There is a lot of life you can`t find in home

I want you to learn to fly
I wanna see you in the sky
I want you to go so high
So when you talk to the angels and they can show your life
Just smile

Simply it’s a matter of time, but don’t be trust full
Just put your hope in your dream, don’t let it go. 

This time you feel your nest is small
Your wings already are so strong
If you feel you’re ready to ride
Remember you can fall sometimes
But what does live has of interesting if it isn’t found?
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