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Letras de As The Beat Goes On de Sweet Tee

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As the beat goes on, I do damage
Sit on your couch, grab a soda, a sandwich
Entertaining is what I get paid for
Sweet Tee is rockin hardcore
That's my life, word, it's essential
Easy to get, whether if you know the fundamentals
The music comes on, strong, slammin
Hear the people say, "Damn, she's jammin!"
Speedin up the beat, cause it's time for you to
Hear new rhymes, cause the old ones won't do
It's My Beat, that's finished, done through
That's part one, this is part two
Pausin for the cause, and I'm comin out a winner
I keep my rhymes with me through my breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Risin and surprisin those who thought I couldn't do it
They didn't take me seriously, so now they blew it
You thought I was a regular? Come on now, stop it
I use the same beat twice, and still rock it
I'm in the right, doin no wrong
Singin my song as the beat goes on

As the beat goes on, it's a cryin shame
When I flip on those who thought I was a regular dame
Better step back, cause I'm gonna go off
Hm - think again if you think I'm soft
I'll squeeze you like a vice, and punch like Tyson
Stick to my rhymes like white on rice, and
Gettin to the point, and the point is this
Like Reggie on the play, when I hit, I don't miss
Hittin hard, raps well written
Rock so hard, others think about quittin
Takin my skills up to a much higher level
Rap by myself, cause I'm a queen rap rebel
Sincerely speakin, can't you see that
I'm number one, you better believe that
I'm on the verge, cause I got the urge to
Get the feelin, so I wanna splurge, I'll
Jump in my car, throw down the top
Sip some wine and listen to some hip-hop
Max and relax to the break of dawn
As - as the beat goes - as the beat goes on

Tee is here, and on the mic I'm a pro
Don't tell me that I'm good, I know
Demandin respect, and I get it
I write what I recite, and you can check the writer's credits
Lethal with a pen, the result is awesome
Combinin with my crew, and it's a one-two-three-foursome
Paid when I talk, my pockets are chunky
Hurb's on the beats, and it's soundin rather funky
Weak rhyme-hater, ready now and never later
Bring the great and the greatest, and I'll still be greater
On the strenght, not the bench I'm a heavyweight fighter
Sting more deadly than a black widow spider
Cooler than suede, and I don't mean leather
Entrepreneur of the rap world forever
Standin on my feet or sittin in my seat
You other rappers are obsolete
So get ready and set, and I'm on the go
I'll seize the crowd and squeeze out woe
I'll never overstay my welcome, so
I'ma drop the mic and let the beat flow
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