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Letras de Carrie Anne de The Hollies

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Carrie-annethe hollies(t. hicks - a. clarke - g. nash)hey, carrie-anne.hey, carrie-anne.when we were at school, our games were simple.i played a janitor, you played a monitor.then you played with older boys and prefects.what's the attraction in what they're doing?hey, carrie-anne, what's your game now?can anybody play?hey, carrie-anne, what's your game now?can anybody play?you were always something special to me -quite independent, never caring.you lost your charm as you were aging.where is your magic disappearing?chorusyou're so, so like a woman to me. (so lke a woman to me)so, so like a woman to me. (like a woman to me)choruspeople live and learn but you're still learningyou use my mind and i'll be your teacher.when the lesson's over, you'll be with me.then i'll hear the other people saying.choruscarrie-anne, carrie-anne, carrie-anne.

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