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Letras de Wildflower de The Janedear Girls

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Mmm yeaahh yeaeaa yeaaa

I was born off an old dirt road 40 acre farm no highway no interstate
& I drive an old rusted out Chevrolet, the boys all rubber neck while their out makin' hay.

Hey, I'm a wildflower, growin in the sunshine, soakin' up the way of life I was raised in,
runnin barefoot blooming in a summer shower, ponytail dancin' I can't help it. I-I'm a wildflower.

Oooo yeahh oooo yeahhh

There a little cotton dress hangin' in my sisters closet,
I think I'm gonna borrow it, and wear it this weekend.
Painted my toes, bought some cherry lip gloss.
No rose, No daisy, can touch what I got

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