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Letras de Bankrupt de The Lonely Wild

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Suddenly we are no
Longer the builders.
Suddenly there are no
More trips to the moon.
It's not what all the
Babies booming
Thought they'd see when
They grew up and grew

Lost their flowers.

They blew smoke and
Got really high.
They forgot the fire
Was waiting behind.

Or Goldman couldn't care less.

I was sleeping with you
With all the lights

Burning faster
Through disaster.

We saw smoke and
Got pretty high.
A good day for
White collar crime.
If we don't know
We'll never ask, "why?"
So go buy what the money you don't have can buy...

Pass on the problem.
When it's time...
We'll say we misjudged this.
When it's time...
We'll say...
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