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Letras de Flames To Fight de The Lonely Wild

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All you
Bright ideas
Sitting pretty
In the snow,
I wash you
Clean of conscience
How old bible
Stories grow

Out of nothing, into nothing
Into your fears
Out of nothing, into nothing
All your ideals.

And all you
Best intentions
Sleeping soundly
At the wheel
It's not what
You were born for
But how you die that
Makes you real.

If you are nothing, out of nothing
A failing dream.
If you are nothing. out of nothing
Why lose some sleep?

All you
Sleeping children
Growing unseen
In the night
We're sowing
Your forgiveness
In the sheets we tuck so tight.

We give you nothing, you get nothing
But guiding light.
You get nothing, we leave you nothing
But flames to fight.
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