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Letras de Can't Live de The Overprivileged

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I'm learning not to trust me
(Day to day I look at myself, how could this be?)
It's the hardest thing to see, when I see myself
I have been found wanting
(Deep within my heart I know there only thing)
Or what I cannot have on the other side
The grass is greener
I cannot do this on my own
(I know I need your strength to keep me strong)
I'm not that strong when I'm alone
(The situation that I face forever goes on and on)
I'm know myself, I'm no one else
(Now I'm on my knees and I'm asking for help)
In this life I can't trust myself

It's all in the way
It all fades away with you inside of me

I can't live
Can't live this way
I can't give what I threw away

You are so much better
(I'm looking forward to the day we can be together)
Than the person I've become since I've been without you
I cannot do this on my own
(I've been out in this wilderness for far too long)
Only you could break through all I am inside
Only you could take me where I need to be alright

It's all in the way
Can't spend on more day without you here with me
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