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You were wrong about yesterday
you never think before you speak
and last year
thinking you could be made for me
she said
"some races can't be won"
and so we fade
with the setting of the sun

and airplanes always leave the ground
with confidence
in safely coming down
unlike us
we crashed and can't be found
in the movies
on the bigscreen
i'd make you mine.
If this were highschool
or just homecoming
we'd dance all night
don't let that smile fade
i wouldn't want to see you hurt
like i am
or keep the promises we made
i know that this will come and go
but she runs further
further than she knows
Could i have shown more teeth when i smiled? stood up straight when you called my name? kissed you with my eyes closed?
i'm lost, i'll find my way
this isn't highschool or homecoming
let's say goodnight

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