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Letras de I Will Stay Around de Total Touch

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You've had your share of heartache in your life
seems that you are hurtin' deep inside
It's hard for you to keep your dreams alive
But the stirring in your heart just cannot be denied

Just open up your heart
Don't be afraid now
to walk from the shadows of your lonely past
We'll make a brand new start
Then life can begin
And i'll give you my soul - my everything!

I will stay around
now I know that love I've found
I'll follow you anywhere
there'll be no more despair

Yes, I will stay around
Watching over you
When you feel you can't go on
I will.....I will stay around

Oh, you know - whenever you're feeling down
I'll help you to get right back on your feet
I will...I will always be around
I'll give the moon, the stars
to make your life complete

Just walk into the light
The cryin' days are gone
Turn away from the dark and embrace the sun
My arms are open wide
I'm waitin' here for you
When you're ready for love
please call out my name
and I will be there for you...


I never thought that anybody in this world
could bring about this feeling
And you never knew that there could be a girl
that you could share your dreams with
Love is comin' our way
together as one -this is our day

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