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Letras de The Word Cop de Travis Morrison

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a rule you live by even if no one's around
oh, adjective
having a soul to balance one's words and deeds
and living by one's creeds
which you, you're just simply greedy, so
Don't talk to me about morality
you're as moral as a hyena in a playpen
and now i'm getting mad
all over again
the skill at being kind to people who get you down
oh, adjective
being okay with different points of view and
generally having a clue
but you, you never do
So don't talk to me about decency,
you wouldn't know decency if it bit you in the ass
and now i'm getting crass
but there you go
Don't talk to me of christianity
you're as christian as a bishop in a toy store

It screws me up to think that you're the norm
Who made you the word cop?
well, if i don't, the words are theirs and that's sick
You'll become like them if you don't stop
no, no, no you see, that's their whole trick
You need to think about what's real
well, you know i feel
Don't talk to me about reality
because as it is the world is not all right
and if i could tend to my own garden
i'd be fine

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