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Letras de I Cannot Cry de Trish Thuy Trang

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I remember the afternoon
when you left me alone and blue
although there were sometimes
when i felt you were untrue
i could tell by the look in your eyes
you were telling me one of your lies
nothing ever the same and you treat me also cruel
i can't cry,i can't cry,i can't cry
couldn't go back to how it was
(back to how it was)
and you walked out leaving me alone
(leaving me alone)
so many days hanging too long
when it over long ago
now i messed up loving you again
Tell me what do you want me to do
just sit here crying alone like a fool
when you come home and i'm all alone again
(repeat chorus)
There's no home,
there's no home and
hanging on,hanging on the moon
when there's nothing left for me
(nothing left for me and)
i won't show
(i won't show)my pain and my broken heart
silently,silently i'll be the pain and the hurt of the heart
(repeat chorus 2x)

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