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Letras de Say Goodbye de Triumph

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Got a lot on my mind i want to tell you
i don't know where to start
you're gettin' way outta line i want to tell you
you're actin' too damn smart
this little game you're playin'
has lost its fun somehow
you had me goin' but i figured it out
an' i'm not playin', i'm not playin' now
say goodbye, i'll be leavin' in the mornin'
nothin' you can do to make me stay
say goodbye, i'll be leavin' in the mornin'
say goodbye, it's the only thing to say
then i'll be on my way
Little girl, dressed to kill
i see through your disguise
you wanna be big time but you never will
cuz i see through all your lies
you say you're somethin' special
well you talk a real good game
but now the party's over
an' you just don't sound
you just don't sound the same
Don't say you love me
don't say you need me

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