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Letras de Street Fighter de Triumph

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Street fighting man
he's a hard one yes indeed
just got in from houston
who knows when he'll leave
made his reputation
in small town southern bars
everyone respects him
treats him like a star
Street fighter
street fighting man
(you got to)
watch yourself today
while you're on the run
cover the tracks
that you lay down
your time is gonna come
(yes it is)
He's got a lady waiting
back home in new orleans
a louisana sweetheart
they call the southern queen
he promised her
they'd settle down
and make a home someday
but he said, "babe,
you've got to wait awhile.
i've got one last debt to pay."
He met his man at steeler's inn
where they play
cards for pay
in a flash
two shots were fired
and one man rode away
The crowd began
to circle him
as he lay there dying
and in the night
he thought he heard
his sweetheart lady crying

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