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Letras de Complete de True Vibe

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"I'm at my end
I can't pretend
After all I've tried
Still no peace inside

A thousand roads
A search for hope
There's no way to hide
Nothing satisfied

But I am finding in the midst of all my hurt
Living without You, life would never work

I need to see You
I want Your love to break through
Please let me hear You
I fall down at Your feet
I need to know You
Not just know about You
I need to feel you
In You I am complete

I've been a fool
So far from You
And for choices made
There's a price I've paid

But God, I pray
That there's a way
To bridge the distance now
And get to me somehow

Lord I'm crying out
I know You hear my heart
Once again I'm asking, will You reach this far?

You're everything I'm needing
Everything missing in me
Lord when I am filled with You
I'm all I'm meant to be"
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