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Letras de I Live For You de True Vibe

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I was lost in darkness
Never knowing where to turn
I thought I had all the answers
But I had so much to learn
Like a child I had gone astray
Trying to make it on my own

Like a father You embraced me
And You showed the way back home Now
that I know the truth that you proclaim
I will keep trusting You to fill me
up ‘til only You remain
And I will not rest until my every
word brings glory to Your name
With all that I am, all that I do,

I live for You Only You could save me
From the debt I had to pay
So now I want to tell the world
The difference You have made
You have changed the way I live and love
And made my heart brand new
Now that we are joined together
I know I’m nothing without You
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