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Letras de Pray de True Vibe

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"Thinking through
What to do
You're searching every angle and point of view
Good advice, well rehearsed
Only seems to make matters worse
When you're at a dead end
Where do you go?
My friend, there's an answer I know

Pray, when the road is steep
Pray, when you're hope gets weak
Know the Father hears through
The silence and the tears you
Pray, when you don't know how
Pray, heaven's waiting now
And Jesus is just a breath away

The deepest sighs
Of the heart
Sometimes it's a struggle when we first start
To wrap our needs up in words
And trust that somehow we will be heard
Draw near, and know you are love
God hears, and his heart is touched

Pray for the strength you're needin'
To go on believin'
No matter what you face
You'll have the wisdom and the grace to..."
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