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Letras de Cantare Del Morte (the Halloween Song) de Tsunami Bomb

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Do you remember the days of yore?
horror films filled with gore?
that's when we would scream and shout
for that's when the ghosts came out!
little spanky learned the game, his tale puts all to shame,
on the fatefull halloween night!
yeah, he pulled some pranks, was mean to those he should thank.
i think it's time he got his due!
close my eyes and count to three, maybe then they will see,
that there really is no need, to make a meal of me.
Up from their graves they rose, old bones and tattered clothes
now they'll show what they can do!
run spanky! there he goes! too late! nobody knows!
what's come of him ever since!
Well kids, what did we learn?
spanky got what he deserved, on that cold, dark evil night!
so be good to those you should thank, and beware of those who hate,
ore the next time, it could be you!

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