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Letras de Enslaved To The Mind de Twilightning

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Deeper, i wanna go, hesitating no longer!
mr. reaper, let me show, my soul has grown much stronger
deeper, i'd surely go, if i had no doubt about it
so, bear out it! i wanna know who will stifle my screams tonight?
thrilled me, like never before, the silence was unbroken
filled me with sagacious lore, the stillness gave no token
deep into that darkness peering, i stood there, fearing
I could bear those hypocritical smiles no longer... no longer!
Obsessions need to swell
a genius in his cell
wondering what went wrong
suppression of his grind
a slave to his mind, in his head's game
like a madman in his game, get insane...
Obsession depp in brain
he found it all in vain
A bitter lapse, not insane
regression he can't find
enslaved to the mind, not blind

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