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Letras de Gone To The Wall de Twilightning

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Leant down in a daze
pictures in my face
reflections deep inside me
send shivers down my spine, to guide me...
A woman, not alone
blushingly stripped to the bone
now i see, i never knew
she always looked askew
All this seems to be delusion
it must have been an odd illusion
all this feeds my inner urge to go
i know, it's glowing deep inside me
this show, the mindless thrall
i know, your grinning might misguide me
i know the weakest goes to the wall
Leant down in shame
An older man, so lame
shivering, full of wine
by the shore line
Stream's fast, don't fight
at last, release the plight
it's clear, without a strife
i see my own life
Flint, struck, gives no spark at all
women, touched, give no warmth for all
a child, lost, has gone to the wall

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