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Letras de Masked Ball Dalliance de Twilightning

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Spectral look in your eyes you caress my skin
everyone in disguise to hide from the sin
go on! inhibitions all gone
in the hope of carnal fruition we swan
in the hall of the masquerade ball
we're finally free 'cause of the mask and the shawl
Like phantoms we dance on and on
fed upon a desire with no conditions
Time to doff your attire, wear the mask and release de fire
that's been smothered by the rules made up by charlatans and fools
Time to doff your attire, join the ball and the truth will transpire
about the over-ruling bent and why there's no need to repent
Mesmerizing music plays on and takes us higher
hectic trance-like state of mind is what we'll acquire
Enthralled in a cobweb of passion
reaching for the top as we spin
Among myriad bodies that fashion
new forms of the original sin

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