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Letras de Under Somber Skies de Twilightning

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It's getting harder to recall
in search for reason that you are here for
the off-handed lapse consumed your means
right to the end... once again.
Everytime i sense that malice in you
i find myself pilloried
underneath sinister skies
Every dull pretense made by you
in another senseless story
i just close my eyes
under somber skies
It's getting easy to believe
the weight of misery is in too deep
the spirit of decline conceals solace within it's playful grin
The trembling and the fear is gone
today the looking glass reflects the marvel of a pawn
fallacious euphoria's paving now the way
so you may escape from cradle to grave
no more suppresion, come and get me out of these stocks
without discretion, i'm at the mercy of a mob
Roaring sky, fulminating furiously overtaking
i cannot hide my fears to aggression
the forbidden temptation, another aberration under somber skies

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