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Letras de Haruka Kanata (en Ingles) de Unlimits

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When you look upward, I saw a sky heptagonal
your eyes, as cold as 100 degrees below zero,
no notice of my
so strongly hold my frozen heart in my hands,
which were already glistening with sweat

In this particular village bittersweet

In the far distance, towards the sky remote
our voice will be able to fly
reach higher and higher and reach anywhere,
no matter how far you

This town is full of selfish rules
My hands and feet are bound by these heavy chains,
however, since they do not want
them to be carried by others,
I'm still struggling hard to free

Do not erase your answers,
because I will not pretend not to notice
Do not hide those thoughts in your hands

In this twisted world where others have sent for me,
I will show you what I can do my own voice screaming,

In the far distance, this our future,
in a place where no one knows and no one else can erase
Believe these feelings that have gone deep and powerfully
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