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Letras de Cool Vibes de Vanilla Ninja

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Don't want you
To lead me to the dark
Don't need you
To tear my heart apart
Don't do that
Though people say that you're my enemy
I know you can set me free

Don't want you
To come so close to me
Don't need you
To blow my fantasy
But i know
That you are livin' far beyond those lies
I can see the danger rise in your eyes

Cool vibes why don't you kill me?

Cool vibes why don't you turn your eyes away
Can't you see we're free to die
Cool vibes all we can do is fight and pray
Cool vibes why don't you thrill me
Cool vibes why don't you kill me
All that i can see
Are shadows of my destiny

Don't want you
To make me feel afraid
Don't need you
To take away the hate
But i know
that you will break the seal of mystery
Leave it to my fantasy what will be?

Cool vibes why don't you kill me?

Stay close to me
Enigma's what we share
But i don't care
You'll be there
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