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Letras de To Be Near You de Viktoria

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Oh how i regret the day we first met,i know what your thinking,
i have trouble with you all of the time now that you started drinking.
i don't know what you will think when i drop this on you.
if i were an ahole i know that i would slap you.
it takes a gunnnn,pointed at my head,to be near you.
it takes the fun out of living,to be near you.
to be near you is a challenge,a test of my will,
do itt again and i will kill,i know this is too much and you i won't touch,it hurts me to be near you,
to be near you,toooooooooooo be here,
to be near you,i don't want to dear,dear santa clause please hear my cries,brings tears to my eyes,when i know i'm gonna be,beeeee near you.
To be near you,its all i can do,i'm telling you that i've bit off more than i can chew.
ohhhh to be near you.i am through,wop bop baby its all i can do.

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