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Letras de Cult Of Crucifixion de Virgin Black

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I will wander
i will gather my flowers
withered and how soon forgotten
sing with passion
sing with vehemence
a grief too sad for song
i pick the gravel from my eyes
i need no words
i am a face rid of features
curse this heedless folly
am i nothing?
a plaintive breath, a moment's vision
curse this dead...
and words crowd to my blistered throat
dip my wings in your magnificence
separate my head from their crucifixion
i lay at length upon the earth
gnats dance through my sable cloak
i lay at length upon the earth
heaven is silent in travailed prayer
all darkness flaunts before me
i wish that peace would revisit my mind
madness endeavours to soothe me
beckon me nearer, whisper discreetly
when will the sun cease to climb?
that i may write my last farewell
to these gaunt residing shadows

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