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Letras de Whispers Of Dead Sisters de Virgin Black

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Whispers to me, my depression
with a hint of murder
watch them, the angels are forlorn
watch them, they share my soul
i hide my face to cry
why do i feel this kiss upon me?
i crave your presence
but the priests are pointing at me
they have made me your betrayer
but i whisper your name in the dark
Anger rests on my fingertips
a place where god (i am told) no longer lives
a mass of flesh they love to beat
but not without identity
On scabby knees i continue to crawl
the sores are open and blood trails behind
rocks and stones meld into my skin
my body is a home for plagues
i hope the paradise is good, it must be
but the turbulence makes me brittle
i cannot see
i find myself holding hatred, it clings to me
i killed a man in my mind, i wanted him dead
yes i have faith, yes i am saved
but it doesn't stop my misery
it doesn't stop my hatred
it doesn't stop me wanting to die
Yet i'm still here despite the pain
i refuse to believe i was called to suffer...
i was called... to prosper.

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