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Letras de Riot Radio de Zsk

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Take a look at you
take a look at chiapas mexico
you only see, what they want us to see
you only know, what they want us to know
But this is war!
These are the people with no rights
part of the slaves of globalisation
killed by right wing groups and oppressed by the state
the armed conflict is their last resort
what we need a is voice for voiceless – a riot radio
come on and make your choices – join the riot radio
Riot radio
riot radio
You gotta understand
the zapatistas didn't want no war
pressed by the question weather to die
or to take a gun in your hand.
what would you do?
We are doing this song, cause it is important to us
to see you get involved and active!
Riot, riot, riot, riot radio
riot, riot, riot, riot radio
ZSK Riot Radio 15256 87852