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How many times did prepare the words i wanted to say ?
but all that ever happened was that tiny "hey" how many nights
did i spend waiting, for you to come around and then
i woke up early and left without a sound
I would never find the right words, to express my thoughts
wasting all my time trying to find those rhymes and maybe
i am afraid to tell you what's on my mind
still trying to fight the fear of getting left behind
so can't you see what's happening with me?
i shouldn't care but still i'm here for you!
i just want to tell you that you mean so much to me
and it breaks my heart to know you don't feel the same way!
I really wish you would have told me that you don't care at all
instead you left me out here all alone waiting for your call
and suddenly your picture pops up in my mind
the stars they start to fade out, your smile makes me go blind
(…as i do)
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