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Letras de Invicto (en Ingles) de Nyno

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I stand came the Nyno
brother every man for himself,
December 2010 begins a new era
block came the gypsy I just your career
go much more working class and really are a shit.

I come strong and here nobody is going to stop, I am what
I am I have nothing to prove, much as
never try it you will get it, I'm undefeated as well
let yourself talk (x2)

The bell rings so start the first round
Did you get my lao and you went wrong parao
as you stay, KO, looking retrasao
antiguay roll your style and your falsificao.

These sunk and tocao me you've equivocao
You came with a lot of play and you left evaporao
and yours has acabao, your time has Terminao
and that agitanao accent definitely your friend copiao.

You're just a flipao which is arranged to drive your
her father has comprao
you that these amamantao, which to me you bring tattoo
your mom you would have pagão
are you that have money but do you you've pensao you?
if it was not for your father estarias arruinao.

Frustao like me you have you are a apardalao
who believes that the world eats only because it has Pinchao
and fijate you that things have not cambiao
I still sounding street and you're still a Noob
now you have enamorao girlfriend that you've hechao you
tell her not go santa and everyone's been rilao
valencia's known as the plegaos pussies.

I tell you the truth socio am not exagerao
ten eleven know her and have palpao
a brother council tie it and put Candao
because with those horns that you spend
you will not fit in any lao

Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo dricto break and compose, I I corrupt
Under your environment Telling preach omen
This is what I bring what I put
It is where I sum
Do not be whole Mongolian to get here you need background
But you can swim because no pa mess the depths
I'll board again
Your rap sounds good but only for the deaf.

I come strong and here nobody is going to stop, I am what
I am I have nothing to prove, however much they
try never get what I'm undefeated so to speak dejate (x2)

Achanta the mui, better not pucheles chí, come najélate
here comes the Pestani, the Chori get hooked and pulls the bajañí, chasing us busnos, pulling bucharnos walk,
and the bad idea point to the Jero, I, I puchelo in Caló, try chaborro, in this third left off, now my shadow
I took the two

I do not want stories with you either you get two days
And the fame you already climbed cuz I'm not your friend nor
not your enemy
But if you know tell then count me

I come into this strong and nobody stops me
I am so ati baby you love my items
Your boyfriend I do not problem
So deep down you know that cream dream

My style is surmano undergound and poisonous dream
when I grab the mic I feel powerful
now that I'm here your name is fuzzy
valencia esque sige being mia
just that you're most famous demomento

I do not mince words as common a great virtue not me
got into this for fame so changes attitudes, to you
lack talent and you have no pu, I do not shut me
no, you think you're going to do you?

I come strong and here nobody is going to stop, I am what
I am I have nothing to prove, however much they
never try you'll get it, I'm undefeated so
dejate talking (x2)
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