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Letras de Dead End de The Lonely Wild

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Well, it won’t be long
till I find my way back to the water.
There’s a city there
fast enough where we will sleep.
And all your good intentions,
they won’t be there waiting on a scale.
It’s just a dream
for meaning... for meaning... for meaning!
for meaning... for meaning...

Well, it won’t be long
before I can’t tell myself from the other.
And the air between
you and me will disappear.
And don’t be surprised when
you can’t remember who you are
or who you were.
It’s nothing... It’s nothing... It’s nothing!
It’s nothing... It’s nothing...

I will use these words
till my ears drum out all their reason.
And this song will fall
apart one note at a time.
And when the death holds quiet,
you will find it’s been another shame,
a dead end road
to meaning... to meaning... to meaning!
to meaning... to meaning...
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