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Letras de Borderline de Bec Cartwright

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Buld me up.....ah yeah yeah....

U got i want it,
got up on it cause it more than feeling
are u receven me

say it do it gotta get up to it
cause its love that im needing
got to be free

touch my touch
sigh by sigh
little by litte can u satsfie

Build me up with ur love
cause u no that i can never get enough
so be good to this heart of mine
Get me high on desire
now its u and me to gether baby
Why keep me waiting on the borderline

Move it use it... are ya going to prove baby
no hesitating boy are ya hearing me
take it make it i anit gonna fake it
better get me the felling u no what i need
FAce to face eye to eye
little by little let the felling rise
dont stop baby rock wit me one more time
one touch of ur loven' got me mesmerised
fell the need in me, keep me on the rise....
bild me up..... borderline...
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