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Letras de Blue-apple Tree de London Airplane

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Blue-Apple Tree.

I was a child playing with his balloon in a shinny day;
I didn't have too many memories in the summer of 98'.

With a bunch of candies in the pocket of my blue overall,
and a little red bonnet, my favorite one, my helicopter hat.

I saw a man in gabardine,
a gigant eyes and incomplete smile... He approached and then he said.

You want a good time? (a good time buddy)
You wanna fly high (so high)
And touch the sky? (all right)

You wanna bite some blues
And feel its juice?
Are you confused?
Ok boy, listen pausly what I'm going to tell you.

There's a big tree down the street is my blue-apple tree,
be carefull on the road it's a little long you can get lost.

You'll see a stair when you are there ¡don't waste time!;
take one but don't touch the rest, they are all mine.

I went jumping around, it was unreal... Were like he told me.

Shinning like ice ( so nice )
Reflecting my hat
I'm hypnotized ( yeah )

He said "don't take 'em all" but I grabbed one more for the road... Here I go, I'm ready for the trip.


Blue-apple tree (gonna take you around)
Blue-apple tree ( to the paradise)
Blue-apple tree ( so far away )
Is my Blue-apple tree... Is down the street.
London Airplane Blue-apple Tree 50885 2219459