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Letras de Besos En El Aire (en Ingles) de Mariano Osorio

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Often we learn a lot from our children.
Some time ago,
a friend punishment for his friend three years
for wasting a full roll
gold paper for envelopes.

They were short of money
and was furious when the girl
I try to decorate a box to put
under the Christmas tree.
the girl will carry the gift to her father
the next morning and said:

"This is for you, Daddy."
He was embarrassed by his earlier reaction,
but he turned his anger when he saw the empty box.
The yelled: "You know that when you give a gift
It is supposed to be something inside it? "
The little girl looked up at him with tears in her eyes
and he said, "Daddy, is not empty,
I pull many kisses in the box,
All for you, Daddy. "

The father was crushed.
His arms around his little girl
and I begged her to forgive him.
My friend told me that I keep that golden box
by his bed for years.

When he felt discouraged,
He drew one of those "air kisses"
and he remembers the love with a girl
He had deposited there.
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