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Letras de Compressed Individuality de Behind The Scenery

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Abomination of inhuman logic - jailed and forgotten
no more dignity - imprisoned by narcotic sympathy
No use for useless gears in the machinery
The shameful hunt begins
when the strong select the weak
Who doesn`t fulfill the valid norms - isolated misery
Compressed - individuality
compressed - live without dignity
combustible - in the fire of ambition
Embodiment of cruel ingratitude
compressed within the walls
of loneliness, fear and despair
kept, banished and condemned
Discarded like broken tools
victims of inhuman conditions
There`s no place for inability
there`s no place for
frailty and weakness
Act of grace, only a farce
the bread of charity tastes bitter
freedom and pride
swallowed by a jackal called man
Victims of inhuman conditions
jailed in the temple of cynicsm

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