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Letras de Pure Evil de Behind The Scenery

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By the light of the moon
comsumptive creatures awake
crawl through the dark
beware of parents awake
a pilgrimage of pimpled hordes
to worship satan in the woods
Poor evil -
tormented by a hydrocephalus
and paranoid haemorrhoids
Poor evil -
worshipped by pale pimpled hordes
with bloody plastic swords
Icy winds blow through the forest
satan`s parish trembles with frost
purulent pimples in black and white
beaming through the gloomy night
a fire within the mystic circle
straight from hell
A stench of diabolic transpiration
disturbed by puberty
in dark winter nights
they molest you
pre-school education
has to be done
Salvation army of evil force
celebrate lucifer`s rise
rotten beavers from the wood-path
the sacrifice
a penknife cuts through the flesh
entrails and blood
stinking clouds in the air
satan vomit into the woods
Unholy error
lucifer is a poor devil
rheumatism is the price
for the nights within frost, snow and ice

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